Thank you for your interest in contributing to Say Yes to Adventure. We are always on the lookout for all types of adventurers who have an epic, personal, interesting and/or emotive story to share through inspiring stories, beautiful photography and stunning illustrations. The more creative the better.

We receive stories from all corners of the globe and from every type of adventurer. Keep them coming! If you have a story, or have heard of an amazing journey or adventure that you feel needs to be told, then please get in touch. Say Yes to Adventure is a tool for those seeking adventure or wanting to immerse themselves in the adventures of others who have their own story to tell. Nothing beats the tactile feel and smell of a fresh magazine, just willing the reader to settle down with a brew, kick back and lose themselves in what the world has to offer. We would love you to be a part of that experience.

So what should you write about? That part’s up to you. When you think of adventure, what springs to mind? Where was it? Who with? We are looking for stories that are not only an epic adventure, but also provide an emotional experience and captivate the reader – a fresh take on the world we explore; amazing people having amazing experiences.

These are not trip reports or destination reviews. They need to be more than that. The contributions we enjoy the most are the ones that have given us an insight into someone else’s world. The known part is the adventure, the unknown is what it means to you personally, that is what we’re after. The contribution should be about the experience rather than the technical details and we find that focusing on one particular event or phase in the adventure works best.



To be considered for a contribution, please send through ALL the documents below to hello@sytamagazine.com

  • Final written article in a Word document (800 minimum - 2,000 maximum words)
  • Images – Please ensure you have high-res images available to send through if you are sending low-res initially. Images MUST be unedited, unless digital editing is your field of expertise. 800-1,000 words, please supply a minimum of 4 images; 1,000-2,000 words please supply a minimum of 8 images.
  • Download our Contributor Form here. You can fill this in online, please make sure you save it before sending it back to us.


Volume Nine – June: Friday 31st March 2017
Volume Ten – September: Friday 2nd June 2017
Volume Eleven – December: Friday 8th September 2017

If you have an idea or any questions then please get in touch via email to hello@sytamagazine.com. We read all submissions but we are a small team, so please be patient we will do our best to reply to you as soon as possible.