New Zealand has, and always will be, the adventure mecca of the world. And with the help of tourism campaigns like 100% Pure New Zealand, people from all corners of the globe have put us at the top of their bucket list. Which is O for awesome ... until now.

We currently find ourselves in unprecedented times; our tiny country on the edge of the world is hurting, especially those with businesses who have built themselves around the tourist dollar.

But with every downturn, there comes opportunity. We have no idea what the future holds, but nothing is more obvious - we need to support local in order to survive. I see this magazine as a way for Kiwis to support Kiwis by exploring our cities and landscapes they haven't experienced before, all while not leaving our shores.


Say Yes to Adventure is about our community working collaboratively together to support each other. It provides a platform for our contributors to share their stories while being paid (yes, paid!); it gives our advertisers an opportunity to showcase their products at an extremely reasonable price point, and it gives our readers a chance to be inspired and explore a different part of the country.

This magazine does not exist to make money (our funding goal covers costs only), instead, it provides inspiration to our readers to explore their backyard at a price that works for them.

There are three price options available - $5, $10 and $20 - because everyone's situation is different. Contribute what feels best for you at this time. At the end of the day, the more people who can be inspired, the better.


Say Yes to Adventure is a magazine that features ordinary people doing extraordinary things. And this volume is no different, only this time all the adventures featured will be based in our backyard – Aotearoa. The same inspiring personal stories of adventure, just a little closer to home.

The digital copy will be available from August 2020. It will include feature-length articles and micro-adventures, all accompanied by high-quality photography. Each article will include location tips and tricks to help you explore yourself. There will also be creative contributions such as illustrations and recipes.

WHY A GOAL OF $8,000?

"But it's not being printed, why does it cost so much?" Good question. Well, it's not just me who has created this magazine, it's all the epic writers, photographers and artists featured who will be paid for their time and creativity, so you can be inspired.

This is just enough to cover payments to our contributors, proofreading editor and our website. It also covers the Kickstarter fees and taxes too. If we meet and then exceed our goal of $8,000, anything raised after that will go towards putting together prizes for our readers from the business who have paid for advertising within the magazine. This does change, however, if we reach a magical $15,000! (See below)

OUR BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL – Say Yes to Adventure in Print

Print will always be my love. There is nothing quite like curling up in a sunny corner, sipping on a coffee (or wine) with a physical magazine in our hands. But we are in interesting times, and setting a goal of $15,000 seems like a big ask. So rather than not succeed at all, I have gone digital to start with. AND if we do go BANANAS then everyone who has contributed $20 will automatically get a printed copy shipped to them for FREE! RRP $25 +postage. Yup, pretty cool huh. So tell all your buddies, the more we can get on board, the better for everyone involved.


Do you get a buzz from creating epic content while adventuring? Is storytelling through words and images your jam? If you find yourself excitedly nodding, then we would love to hear from you! Do you have a full-length feature, a micro-adventure, powerful photography, illustrations or even a recipe? While we have some of the features locked in, our pages aren't full just yet. Check out our contributor page for all the details. And yes, all published contributors get paid!


All adventurers need gear, right? This is where you come along. Have a brand our product that you think works on these pages? We know times are tough at the moment, but getting in front of your audience is key. We have extremely reasonable pricing options available (and a double whammy if we can get it into print!). Check out our Kickstarter campaign or send us an email to and we will flick you through our Media Kit.