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Say Yes to Adventure - Kiwi Edition.

The same inspiring personal stories of adventure, just a little closer to home.

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Cover indicative only. Image: Mickey Ross


A kiwi girl from the heart of New Zealand had a dream. She wanted to share personal adventure stories from all over the world so others could be inspired.


A design degree, an Outward Bound experience, a few multi-stage ultras and many adventures later, she produced a high-quality magazine that she was incredibly proud of. The readers loved it, too.


Eight incredible volumes, a less-than-ideal business model and many long, long hours later, the hard decision was made to put the dream on hold.


And then COVID-19 came along.


Life, as we know it, has changed.


Ideas started to appear, and slowly the passion came back. Maybe, just maybe, she could inspire other Kiwis to explore their backyard?


And so she decided to back herself, and give it another shot.


Say Yes to Adventure – Kiwi Edition. 


The same inspiring personal stories of adventure, just a little closer to home.


It's an interesting world out there at the moment, so a Kickstarter campaign seems the most logical way forward. It's also damn scary!


 Our goal is to cover costs - this includes paying all contributors, our proofreader and basic digital costs. It also covers the Kickstarter fees and taxes, too.

How much you contribute is up to you. 


There are three price options available - $5, $10 and $20 - because everyone's situation is different. Contribute what feels best for you at this time. At the end of the day, the more people who can be inspired, the better.

Our funding goal is $8,000, but ... if we reach $20,000 then those who contribute $20 or more will receive a print copy in the mail absolutely FREE. (RRP $25 + postage).

So spread the word and help us bring Say Yes to Adventure back to life.





Do you get a buzz from creating epic content while adventuring? Is storytelling through words and images your jam? If you find yourself excitedly nodding, then we would love to hear from you!

Full-length feature, micro-adventure, photography, illustration or even a recipe?


While we have some of the features locked in, our pages aren't full just yet. Check out our contributor page for all the details.


And yes, all published contributors get paid!



We'd love to hear what you think of Say Yes to Adventure.


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